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Reputable Georgia Defense Lawyer Fights Tickets and DUI Charges

Experienced Adel attorney provides legal support for accused individuals

While state and local police are on the lookout for reasons to pull people over on I-75, GA-37, GA-76 and other roads throughout Cook and Lowndes counties, there’s always a chance you’ll be one of them. If you face a traffic ticket or DUI charge, you can count on me, Frank Carter, to protect your rights and interests. Getting a single DUI conviction or accruing a series of traffic tickets can result in your license being taken away. From my office at Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys at Law, LLC in Adel, I dedicate my time to defending clients’ driving privileges. I also represent individuals who are up against charges of theft, gun and weapons violations, and drug crimes. My objective is always to achieve a favorable outcome that allows clients to move forward with their lives, and I will work just as hard for you.

Skilled advocate represents clients charged with driving offenses

I have extensive experience defending against charges of:

  • DUI/DWI — A first Georgia DUI conviction within a five-year span brings a 12-month license suspension that can be reversed after 120 days under certain conditions. Repeat offenders may face jail time, fines and probation. Community service or addiction treatment may also be ordered. If you were arrested on suspicion of DUI, I will examine the circumstances of your arrest to determine if there were breaches in proper police procedure or if a faulty breathalyzer test was involved. I can also ask the judge and prosecutor to reduce the penalties if you have attended a treatment program or taken other actions to remedy the cause of the DUI.
  • Traffic violations — The Georgia Point System assigns six points for the most serious crimes and one point for the least serious. Six-point offenses include aggressive driving, unlawful passing of a school bus and going more than 34 miles over the speed limit. Texting and driving is a one-point violation. If you receive 15 points within a two-year span, your license will be suspended, but any amount of points can affect your insurance premium. I work to help you to avoid points and to keep your license.

If you live or travel regularly in Southern Georgia, driving likely plays an important part in your everyday life. My goal is to keep your life from being upended by traffic offenses.

Dedicated lawyer handles Georgia felony and misdemeanor charges

I take on criminal accusations made for alleged offenses both on and off the road. If you or a loved one is charged with possessing or distributing marijuana, narcotics or another illegal substance, there are defense strategies that may allow you to avoid harsh penalties. I will work with you to determine a course of action for handling your drug charges. I provide knowledgeable defense for theft and a range of other crimes as well, including protecting clients’ Second Amendment rights when they are accused of improperly using or owning guns and other weapons.

Get a free initial consultation for your Georgia criminal law case

Clients facing criminal charges in Cook and Lowndes counties have turned to me, Frank Carter, for skilled defense representation.  You can reach me at Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys at Law, LLC in Adel, Georgia by calling 844-390-5030 or contacting me online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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